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LedZAerial Symphony

LedzAerial Symphony is a unique experience for audiences, combining the old with the new. The cirque performers and exciting rock music heighten the senses, pushing crowds to the edges of their seats while they sing along with an inviting orchestra to songs they've known for years. 

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Luminario Ballet
American Family Concerts

cirque ~ ballet ~ symphony ~ classic rock

What is…"LedZAerial Symphony"?

…"LedZAerial Symphony" is a rock-orchestral-cirque-ballet evening set to the extraordinary beloved music of Led Zeppelin, with the team of conductor/music director Bryan English of American Family Concerts of Dallas, and choreographer/artistic director Judith FLEX Helle of Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles.

"LedZAerial Symphony" originally started as a live rock-cirque stage show in Los Angeles spearheaded by Judith, whose early Los Angeles shows were even attended by Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant (vocals) and Jimmy Page (guitar)!

With Led Zeppelin being “the world’s favorite band” for multiple generations, Judith always envisioned “LedZAerial” as a general audience symphonic show; a perfect bridging for the whole family of the popularity of rock, cirque, ballet, and classical music; whether indoors at a performing arts center or theater, or at an outdoor festival or bowl-type amphitheater.

Led Zeppelin’s hard rockin’, heartfelt, highly musical opus translates beautifully into today’s audience’s appreciation and attendance of cirque-ballet-rock-orchestra, which they’ve seen in a touring show, in Las Vegas, and on Broadway.

...but they haven’t seen this!

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Performance Details

The Ballet

Aerial Ballet such as seen at Cirque du Soleil

Contemporary Ballet such as seen on "So You Think You Can Dance"

Top National Performers

The Music

Icons of rock & their most symphonic, ethereal hits

Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Guns 'n' Roses,

The Doors, Jimi Hendrix

Full Symphony Orchestra  or  Studio Orchestra

*Optional immersive video backdrops included


For booking inquiries contact:

Judith FLEX Helle


Bryan English


Thanks for submitting!

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